Hitachi Zosen Corporation Changes Name to Kanadevia

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Hitachi Zosen Corporation Changes Name to Kanadevia

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Hitachi Zosen Corporation announced today that effective 1 October 2024 it will change its name to Kanadevia Corporation.

Osaka, Japan. Hitachi Zosen Inova shareholder Hitachi Zosen Corporation, located in Osaka, Japan, announced today that its board of directors has resolved to change the trade name to Kanadevia Corporation. This change is subject to the approval of the annual general meeting of shareholders to be held in June 2024. Kanadevia is a coined word. It combines “kanade” (from the Japanese verb “kanaderu” meaning “to play music in harmony”) and « via » (Latin for “way” or “method”).

Since its foundation in 1881 as Osaka Iron Works, the company has expanded its business to include shipbuilding, steel structures, plants and industrial machinery. In 1943 it changed its trade name to Hitachi Zosen Corporation, which it has continued to use ever since. In 2002, the shipbuilding segment was spun off. Today, Hitachi Zosen’s global businesses are expanding in the fields of decarbonisation, resource recycling and safe and prosperous urban development. The change of trade name to Kanadevia will enable the company to build a new history as a corporate group that applies the power of technology to create a world that lives in harmony with nature.

Please find the complete media release from Hitachi Zosen Corporation here.


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