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Severnside / UK

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Severnside / UK
Severnside Energy Recovery Centre – Another Milestone for the Leading EPC Turnkey Provider in the UK

The Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plant at Severnside in South Gloucestershire (SERC) epitomizes Hitachi Zosen Inova’s continuity as a reliable EPC turnkey partner for the construction of thermal waste treatment facilities. The two-line facility commissioned by the West London Waste Authority (WLWA) is designed to convert West London’s non-hazardous waste into energy.

Deliverability under Public-Private Partnership Initiatives

In November 2013, the WLWA awarded a consortium led by SUEZ (formerly Sita UK) the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contract for the construction and operation of SERC. The facility was to treat up to 400,000 tonnes per year of municipal solid waste generated by the 1.6 million people living in the western boroughs of London. In its role as EPC contractor, Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) fully supported the consortium during the entire tender process through to the signature of the PPP contract.

Energy from Continuity

Located adjacent to the Severn Estuary, the 34 MW electrical facility produces enough electricity to power the equivalent of around 50,000 homes and could also provide heat, thus further increasing its environmental performance. This solution enables the West London Waste Authority to divert 96 % of its waste from landfill, and is expected to save two million tonnes of CO2 equivalents over the duration of the contract. This thermal waste treatment facility symbolizes HZI’s continuous efforts to make the most efficient and safest use of the valuable resources in residual waste.

Eco-Friendly Waste Transport

The majority of the waste destined for SERC arrives at the plant by train at a custom-built railhead on site. The closed transport containers are unloaded from the train onto trucks, and transported to a reception hall where the waste is tipped into a bunker to begin the thermal waste treatment process.

Using the Latest HZI Technologies for Higher Efficiency

SERC features cutting-edge thermal waste treatment technologies. It operates an advanced combustion process that requires lower oxygen levels. Combined with HZI’s proven grate combustion system, this further increases SERC’s efficiency while at the same time still reducing CO and raw NOx emissions. The thermal power released by the combustion process is recovered in a five-pass boiler, producing super heated steam. The carefully selected steam parameters combine energy efficiency and boiler reliability. The electricity produced covers the needs of the facility, with approximately 90 % of the remaining power generated being exported to the local grid.

Full Compliance with Strictest Emission Limits

Responding to tighter legislative requirements, the DyNOR system reduces the nitrogen dioxides safely below 150 mg/Nm3 at minimal ammonia slip. HZI’s proven SemiDry system allows for effective and safe removal of hazardous substances, while keeping the plant in full compliance with the stringent flue gas emission limit values.

Integrated Thermal and Material Recycling

Adjacent to the WtE plant is a treatment facility handling all of the bottom ash. Various fractions of aggregates as well as most of the ferrous and non-ferrous material in the bottom ash are separated for re-use.