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Issy-les-Moulineaux / France

Issy-les-Moulineaux / France
Isséane: Environmentally Friendly Plant with a View of the Eiffel Tower

With its red exposed masonry, the plant – located only a few kilometers away from downtown Paris – blends harmoniously into the surrounding urban architecture. Although it is 52 meters high, only 21 meters of the building are visible, roughly equivalent to the height of a six-story residential property. The remaining 31 meters are underground and invisible to passers-by. Another basic planning requirement was that there would be no plume from the stack of the plant in Issy-les-Moulineaux, one of the most densely populated conurbations in Europe.

Syctom, the builder and owner of the plant, is an intercommunal association established to process the household waste of Greater Paris. It operates three WtE plantsthat serve 85 French communities with a total of 6 million
inhabitants. Isséane, the most modern of the three facilities, handles the waste generated by 1.45 million residents of 22 communities in the Paris region.

Modern Incineration Technology for Paris Suburb
The Isséane Waste to Energy plant consists of two lines with a rated capacity of 30.5 t/h each for a total of around 500,000 t/a. The waste receiving area and the combustion system are subterranean, so the plant
produces neither noise nor odor emissions. Municipal waste is collected and brought by truck to the reception hall and tipped into the waste bunker. After fully automatic mixing in the bunker it is incinerated on two five-zone HZI grates. An integrated combustion control system permanently adjusts the combustion parameters to changes in waste composition on a fully automated basis.

The hot incineration gases flow from a secondary combustion chamber to a three-pass evaporator into a fourth, horizontal convection pass, where they superheat the saturated steam and preheat the feed water. The superheated live steam goes to an extraction condensing turbine and is converted into electricity.

District Heating for 80,000 Homes
About half of the energy is fed into the district heating network, covering the requirements of around 80,000 households in Paris. This efficient use of the process steam enables savings of some 110,000 metric tons of heating oil. The other half of the steam is relaxed in the turbine and used to generate electricity by means of a generator. A small portion of the electricity is used to operate the plant; the rest is exported to the grid.

Environmentally Friendly Thanks to Efficient Flue Gas Treatment
The flue gas treatment section is composed of several stages: an electrostatic precipitator, a drysorption reactor with injection of sodium bicarbonate and lignite coke, a fabric filter, and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for NOx removal. The plant’s design outperforms the European directives and the strict local rules in every respect, setting the standard in terms of environmentally-friendly plant engineering.