Conveyor Screw for Dewatering Press

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Conveyor Screw for Dewatering Press

Conveyor Screw for Dewatering Press
with Exchangeable Helical Segments

The conveyor screw with exchangeable helical segments stands out for its service-friendliness and associated low service costs. It’s equally suitable for use in Hitachi Zosen Inova screw presses and for retrofitting existing systems from other manufacturers.


| Low Service Costs Thanks to Simple Overhauls
The compression of the material is highest in the front area of the press and consequently the pressure and wear are also greatest at this point.
Thanks to individually exchangeable helical segments, the area with the highest wear can be swapped out quickly and easily. This eliminates the need to replace the entire conveyor screw and reduces the service costs significantly.
The two foremost turns of the conveyor screw consist of four exchangeable, screwed-on helixes. These are armoured with tungsten carbide and chrome carbide on the drive side and on the outer diameter. This patented technical advance assures the screw shaft a long service life.

| High Serviceability
The conveyor screw’s exchangeable helical segments can be swapped out by a single person in just a few steps. This avoids time-consuming and cost-intensive maintenance. The system is proven in operation since 2021.