Comprehensive Range of Services around Your Plant

High availability is crucial to the successful operation of a plant. We take care of the safety and efficiency of your installation so that you can devote your full attention to operating it safely and efficiently.

HZI’s Service Group is an expert partner providing outstanding support spanning your

  • Incineration and boiler equipment
  • Flue gas treatment equipment
  • Energy recovery equipment
  • Digester and biogas upgrading equipment.

The Right Service at Every Phase of the Plant Life Cycle

We provide effective, expert advice and support throughout the life cycle of your plant. We draw on many years of experience and in-depth know-how gathered in the course of our own R&D to keep your plant running in line with the specific local and operational requirements. Besides service and maintenance we also have expertise in analyses and studies, modernisation work, enhancing performance and efficiency, reducing emissions, and spare and wear part procurement and logistics.

Thanks to our local subsidiaries we can be there rapidly, whenever you need us.

New BREF Regulations

The BAT conclusions for waste incineration published by the European Commission must be implemented by 2023. Our experienced service team and flue gas treatment experts can support you with analyses, studies, process optimisations and, last but not least, conversions and retrofits to ensure that your plant does not exceed the prescribed emission limits. Get an idea of our in-house technologies and contact us for a plant-specific analysis.

On the website of the European association for Waste-to-Energy manufacturers, ESWET, you will find further information on the WI BREF and BAT documents.