Renewable Gas

Climate Change and Decarbonisation: HZI Renewable Gas Technologies Driving the Circular Economy

Generating energy from renewable resources will be a crucial component of the energy supply of the future and a key factor in the decarbonisation of the public space. Green gases such as biogas, biomethane, hydrogen and synthetic natural gas will make an important contribution to the generation of energy and carbon-neutral fuels.

HZI offers technologies for producing these renewable gases. In combination, they provide solutions enabling the efficient use of resources and sustainable energy generation for the decades to come.

HZI’s in-house research and development team, supported by experienced specialists, is working constantly to optimise the company’s technologies and remain a step ahead. This way we always have precisely the right responses to the needs of our customers.

The Kompogas® process uses continuous anaerobic dry fermentation to recycle biogenic waste. This enables the sustainable management of waste while at the same time producing natural fertilisers and raw biogas.

Schmack wet AD is also suitable for sustainable residue utilisation, but especially for agricultural businesses and their diversification. We offer solutions for a wide variety of substrates for biogas production.

Raw biogas, whether it comes from an HZI plant or another source of fermentation gas, is treated using an HZI BioMethan gas upgrading process to produce high-grade biomethane which can be stored. This can be used as a green substitute for fossil fuels. CO2, either as a waste product of gas upgrading or from other sources, can also be used in liquid form in various industries and in transport.

Our power-to-gas technologies enable the conversion of electricity into storable gases such as synthetic natural gas (SNG) or hydrogen. As we endeavour to achieve the energy transition, the HZI technologies help produce renewable fuels, neutralise COand recover hydrogen for use in industry and transport.