Pommeuse, FRA

Gas Upgrading


membrane-based gas separation

Biomethane used for

grid injection

Volume generated

250 Nm3/h of biomethane

The biogas plant in Pommeuse processes residues from agricultural cultivation such as grain, maize or sugar beet as well as intercrops from two farms. The wet anaerobic digestion process is ideal for these substrates. As the input materials for biogas production vary, fluctuations can occur in the biogas composition as well as in the volume flow. HZI’s flexible gas treatment technology using membrane-based gas permeation allows to be easily regulated to take account of this. The pressure-driven physical process is also impressive in terms of operating costs. The installation was constructed by HZI in its capacity as general contractor with comprehensive interface know-how.


  • Biogas plant with 2 digesters and one tank
  • Throughput: 22,000 t/a substrates
  • Biogas production: 5,100,000 Nm³/a
  • Energy equivalent: 32 GWh/a
  • Biogas production from: agricultural residues (solid and liquid), intercrops


  • SAS Méthabrie

Commencement of operation

  • 2018

Components supplied by HZI

  • Anaerobic digestion plant with three tanks, raw gas pretreatment + desulphurization, gas upgrading system M series model M, boiler unit

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