Hinwil, CHE

Waste to Energy


200'000 t/a

Energy recovered

electricity, hot water

The Kezo Hinwil WtE plant comprises three combustion lines, two of which were built in 1976 and one in 1995. The three flue gas treatment units, which were modernised between 1991 and 1995, used a combination of wet flue gas scrubbing and SCR DeNOx. They were replaced in 2012 with two lines using Hitachi Zosen Inova’s Xerosorp+ process.


  • Fuel: municipal waste, commercial waste
  • Number of lines: two


  • KEZO, a waste treatment association covering the Zürcher Oberland region

Commencement of operation

  • 2012 (new flue gas treatment system)

Components supplied

  • flue gas treatment system comprising a reactor, fabric filter, SCR-DeNOx, heat exchanger,induced draft fan and stack