Epirus, GRC

Anaerobic Digestion


38,700 t/a

Biogas Use

electricity generation

Biogas Produced

5,400,000 Nm3/a

HZI built Greece’s first dry fermentation plant in the Epirus region. The project was the country’s first step to recovering energy from organic waste. Around 105,000 tonnes of municipal waste are delivered to the plant every year. The organic fraction is removed in the two sorting lines of the mechanical biological treatment (MBT) system before being fed into the digestion process. The client, Terna Energy, which will operate the plant for the next 25 years, also has a service and support contract with HZI.


  • Type of waste: organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW)
  • Digester type: PF1500 steel digester
  • No. of digesters: 2
  • Electricity exported: 11,500,000 kWh/a


  • Terna Energy S.A.

Commencement of Operation

  • 2019

Components Supplied by HZI

  • dry fermentation, service and support