Buckinghamshire, UK

Waste to Energy

Waste Throughput

300,000 t/a

Energy Recovered


Thermal Power

1 x 101.7 MWth

The Greatmoore WtE plant thermally treats 300,000 tonnes of municipal waste a year – all in a single line. This guarantees a high level of availability, which is crucially important to the waste treatment process. With net efficiency of more than 25%, the plant generates 27.7 MW of electricity, enough to supply around 36,000 homes.


  • Type of system: air-cooled HZI reciprocating grate
  • Fuel: municipal and industrial waste
  • Calorific value: 9.8 MJ/kg
  • Number of lines: one
  • Boiler design: five-pass boiler
  • Flue gas treatment: SNCR, HZI SemiDry system


  • FCC UK

Commencement of Operation

  • 2015

Components Supplied by HZI

  • general contractor for the entire plant, including construction work

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