Kompogas® Technology Continues to Establish Itself as a Component of Greek Waste Management

Hitachi Zosen Inova Delivers Core Module for a Biogas Plant in the Peloponnese Region

The contract to deliver two steel digesters for the construction of a new biogas plant in the Peloponnese region of Greece marks the continuation of the time-tested partnership between TERNA ENERGY and Hitachi Zosen Inova. The new facility will treat biogenic waste from the regional capital Tripoli to generate enough electricity to supply around 3,000 homes.

Under the lead of the Greek energy company TERNA ENERGY, a new dry anaerobic digestion plant is being built near Tripoli, the capital of the Peloponnese region in the south of the Greek mainland. Completion of the facility is planned for 2022. The contract to supply the core module – two Kompogas®PF 1500 steel digesters – has gone to Swiss cleantech company Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI). The biogas plant will treat around 38,700 tonnes per year of output from waste processing units, i.e. the organic fraction of municipal solid waste. This will generate 5.1 million Nm3of biogas per year or 11,500 MWh of electrical energy, enough to supply 3,000 households in the region.

Contributing to Greece’s Waste Management Strategy

The public-private partnership between TERNA ENERGY subsidiary Perivallontiki Peloponnese and the project set up by the Peloponnese Region is the first of a number of possible further biogas-from-waste projects in the region that are entering the construction phase, and currently the biggest waste management undertaking of its type in Greece. Once up and running, the plant near Tripoli will play a significant part in the implementation of the region’s waste management plan. “Greece’s efforts towards sustainable waste and energy management are remarkable. It’s a privilege to be part of this and to make an active contribution by supplying our Kompogas®dry digestion technology,” said Dr Helen Gablinger, HZI Director AD Sales for the Peloponnese project. “This region’s waste and recycling management set-up is still in its early phase, so there’s great potential for further cleantech and renewable energy projects.”

Given that TERNA ENERGY and HZI first teamed up in 2019 to deliver Greece’s pioneering biogas plant in Epirus, this follow-up project will profit from being run by a well-established team.

Charalabos Charalabidis, project manager at TERNA ENERGY, said: “HZI, with its Kompogas® technology, has proved to be a reliable partner matching our strategy of implementing cyclic economy solutions for our environmental projects. We’re confident that the project in the Peloponnese will also benefit from this effective cooperation.”

Adding Value in the Region

The new biogas plant will play a key role in the region around Tripoli. Besides its important function as part of the local waste and circular economy, according to TERNA ENERGY the project will create up to 600 temporary jobs during construction and employ 200 people on a permanent basis once the plant goes into operation.

Engineering and the initial construction work on site are already under way. Installation of the two digesters is due to start in early summer 2021, and operation is likely to commence late in the summer of 2022.

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