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Roosendaal, NED

Waste to Energy


291'000 t/a

Energy recovered

hot water, electricity

Thermal energy

2 x 62 MWth

The BAVIRO WtE plant was built next to a running installation without operation being interrupted. The plant’s layout, design and energy meet ambitious requirements in terms of environmental protection, sustainable energy recovery and safe operation.


  • Type of system: water-cooled HZI reciprocating grate
  • Fuel: municipal solid waste
  • Calorific value: 11.7 MJ/kg
  • Number of lines: two
  • Boiler design: five-pass boiler
  • Flue gas treatment: ESP, bicarbonate process, SCR DeNOx, flue gas recirculation fan


  • SITA ReEnergy Roosendaal B.V.

Commencement of operation

  • 2011

Components supplied by HZI

  • general contractor in a consortium with BAM Civiel B.V. for civil engineering work and plant periphery