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Oslo, NOR

Service, Plant Performance Upgrades


150'000 t/a

Energy recovered

district heat, electricity

Thermal energy

2 x 75.5 MWth

Increasing Thermal Output Boosts Plant Performance by 22%

The Klemetsrud Line 3 WtE boiler was commissioned in 2011 with a nominal steam flow of 78.1 t/h. Since then HZI has increased the incineration capacity and energy output in several steps, each comprising a variety of different measures designed to increase the plant’s performance. After each step, the operation of the plant has been evaluated at the new nominal load, and a programme drawn up for the next step. This includes a thorough cost-benefit analysis. Now the boiler is operated at a steam flow of up to 110 t/h.

Results/ Solution

The first increase in steam flow – up 4% to 81.5 t/h – was achieved in 2015 by optimising the combustion control system.

  • In 2016 the flow was increased to 90 t/h by installing additional condenser systems and direct heat extraction from the economisers, as well as improving the attemperators.
  • In 2017 HZI installed an enhanced combustion control system to boost team flow for a third time, to 95 t/h.
  • Performance was boosted once again in 2019, to 110 t/h, by installing Inconel cladded boiler walls and optimised cleaning systems preventing boiler foulage.


  • Statkraft AS

Time Frame

  • 2015 –2019


  • Analysis and feasibility study
  • Performance increase programmes and engineering
  • Optimisation and installation works
  • Adjustments to combustion control system
  • Test runs

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