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North Jutland, DNK

Gas Upgrading


membrane-based gas separation

Biomethane used for

feed-in to the grid

Volume generated

500 Nm³/h of biomethane

HZI’s first biomethane installation in Denmark was built for a farming operation that treats primarily agricultural and plant residues to generate biogas and biomethane. After the farmer secured a supply of substrate to increase his production of biogas, he decided to build a second upgrading plant. The contract included precleaning by gas scrubber – to remove NH3and water-soluble VOCs – installed upstream of the gas upgrading facility already in operation to augment and optimise its existing precleaning capabilities. The process for recovering heat from the stream of raw gas at the precleaning phase was also enhanced, with the heat fed back into the fermentation process using a heat pump. A further enhancement was a gas flow diverter activated by a quality measurement unit before feed-in: if the quality of the biomethane produced by the aging existing plant is not suitable for injection, the gas will be injected back into the process to optimise use of resources. The North Jutland project contributes to Denmark’s goal of transitioning the entire energy supply (electricity, heat and transportation) to renewable resources by 2050.


  • Biogas generated from: slurry, pig manure, ground litter with straw, glycerine, olive pomace and other plant matter


  • Danish farm

Commencement of operation

  • 2020

Components supplied by HZI

  • concept for the entire state-of-the-art installation, precleaning by gas scrubber, gas upgrading system, gas recirculation