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London, CAN

Gas Upgrading


membrane-based gas separation

Biomethane used for

feed-in to the grid

Volume generated

250–800 Nm³/h of biomethane

Diversified energy generation from treated waste: besides being used to generate electricity, since the end of 2019 the biogas produced in the local waste treatment plant has also been used to make renewable natural gas, in other words biomethane. Using the flexible control system the volumes of waste can be successively increased and the production of biomethane stepped up accordingly. This helps optimise sustainable resource management efforts in the region as well as contributing to the Canadian government’s climate policy and decarbonisation targets. The technology has been adapted in line withthe ASME Code (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and Canadian standard, enabling the project to serve as a prototype for the North American market.


  • Biogas generated from: green waste and biowaste



Commencement of operation

  • 2019

Components supplied by HZI

  • membrane gas upgrading system