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Jönköping, SWE

Operation & Maintenance


40'000 t/a

Biogas use

Upgraded to biomethane and bio-CNG

Biogas produced

1'500’000 Nm3/a

The city of Jönköping in the south of Sweden had been operating a wet digestion plant since 2006, where food waste was fermented and turned into biogas and bio-fertiliser. Due to the high operating costs and limited productivity of the old plant, a few years later the municipality was looking for a way to sell its biogas activities to a private investor. The aim was to build a new, larger and more competitive plant. The concept presented by HZI was convincing and so the Swiss-Japanese cleantech company was able to take over the biogas business of the municipality of Jönköping in February 2019.

In March 2019, construction work began on the new Kompogas® dry anaerobic digestion plant with downstream HZI BioMethan gas treatment. Until the commissioning of the new plant, HZI continued to operate the old wet fermentation facility. It is currently being dismantled. The newly built biogas production plant processes regional biowaste and provides upgraded biogas in form of bio-CNG to buses and waste collection vehicles in the city of Jönköping. The organic fertiliser produced in the process is used in local agriculture and thus ensures a practical circular economy. The majority of the project financing was provided by HZI together with the Swedish Green Investment Fund “Klimatklivet”.

The new Kompogas® dry anaerobic digestion plant with downstream HZI BioMethan gas treatment is HZI’s second DBOO project after San Luis Obispo – as owner, HZI took over the design, construction and operation of the plant.


  • Type of waste: food and green waste, liquid manure, fat, packaged dairy products
  • Digester type: PF1500 steel digester
  • No. of digesters: 2
  • Biomethane exported: 2,816,000 Nm3/a


  • HZI Jönköping Biogas AB

Commencement of operation

  • 2020

Components supplied by HZI

  • dry fermentation, biogas upgrading, design, construction and operation


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