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Herefordshire & Worcestershire, UK

Waste to Energy


200,000 t/a

Energy recovered


Thermal energy

1 x 67.9 MWth

The Hartlebury thermal waste treatment plant to the southwest of Birmingham helps the Herefordshire and Worcestershire authorities become more independent of centralised power plants and increase the percentage of renewable energy. With steam parameters of 60 bar and 415°C, the single line plant achieves net efficiency of around 25%. An R1 factor of over 0.65 makes it one of the most efficient WtE facilities in the country.


  • Type of system: air-cooled HZI reciprocating grate
  • Fuel: municipal solid waste
  • Calorific value: 9.4 MJ/kg
  • Number of lines: one
  • Boiler design: five-pass boiler
  • Flue gas treatment: SNCR, fabric filter, dry sorption reactor


  • Mercia Waste Management Ltd.

Commencement of operation

  • 2017

Components supplied by HZI

  • general contractor for the entire plant, including construction work