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Fulda, GER

Combined Wet and Dry Anaerobic Digestion


64,500 t/a

Biogas use

Upgraded to biomethane for grid injection

Biogas produced

approx. 4,300,000 Nm³/a

The Finkenberg bioenergy park near Fulda is the first facility in Germany to combine composting with dry and wet fermentation and perform all four phases of organic waste treatment – waste recovery, digestion, gas upgrading, and grid injection – on one site.

The plant recovers biogas and organic fertilizer from biogenic waste using specific processes depending on the properties of the input material. Green and organic waste are dry fermented in two Kompogas® digesters running in parallel. Up to 32,000 tonnes of segregated organic waste are processed in this way every year. Meanwhile biogas is recovered from approx. 32,500 tons of foodwaste and cattle slurry using wet digestion technology. The two streams of gas are combined and upgraded into pure biomethane, which is fed into the local natural gas network.


  • Type of waste: Organic waste (Food return, Porky Power, fat and grease seperator, berry marc, draff, old bread, slurry)
  • Wet AD plant: COCCUS® Titan 3000G, 3MWGAS
  • Dry AD plant: KOMPOGAS® PF1300
  • No. of digesters: 2 (Wet AD) + 2 (Dry AD)
  • Biomethane exported: 4,300,000 Nm3/a
  • Substrate quantities: approx. 32,500 t/a wet digestion, approx. 32,000 t/a dry digestion


  • Biothan GmbH

Commencement of operation

  • 2012 (wet AD)
  • 2013 (dry AD)

Components supplied by HZI

  • Engineering
  • Delivery and installation of turnkey plants
  • Commissionning

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