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Foligno, ITA

Anaerobic Digestion


53,500 t/a

Biogas use

upgraded to biomethane and bio-CNG

Biogas produced

5,530,000 Nm3/a

HZI delivered the Foligno plant’s dry fermentation module in the form of two PF1300 steel digesters with the corresponding technology, including the control system. The digestion process produces more than 14,000 Nm3of biogas every day, which is subsequently upgraded into biomethane and fed into the local gas grid or sold as an environmentally friendly fuel in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG). The energy generated is sufficient to supply up to 2,400 households or to fuel more than 500 natural gas-driven vehicles, cutting consumption of fossil fuels by more than 2,000 metric tonnes a year.


  • Type of waste: food waste (OFMSW) and green waste
  • Digester type: PF1300 ferroconcrete digester
  • No. of digesters: 2


  • ASJA Ambiente Italia SpA

Commencement of operation

  • 2019

Components supplied by HZI

  • dry fermentation