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Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Hitachi Zosen Inova’s plant design services draw on many years of experience in engineering, constructing and operating waste treatment plants. Our goal is to make sure that:

  • The approach makes economic sense in terms of investment and operating costs
  • Waste treatment methods are sustainable from an environmental point of view
  • All the relevant rules and requirements are complied with
  • The treatment costs are competitive
  • The solution is highly flexible and can be adapted to future changes in requirements
  • The plant produces energy highly efficiently
  • Tried and tested technology is used

Our approach and plant design are based on our tried and tested technologies, which we optimise on an ongoing basis. Our solutions are compliant with all the relevant legal requirements, designed for optimum operation in economic and environmental terms, and offer maximum flexibility.

Hitachi Zosen Inova holds the industrial property rights to a broad range of technologies. We are proud to be able to select the best process methodologies for the application in question.

All projects are delivered in accordance with defined business process within our ISO 9001 and ISO 45001-certified project management system. The business process defines the workflow, identifies the relevant tasks and assigns responsibilities.

Risk Management

Senior and line management, and the project team are commited to ensuring that all projects comply with the contractual requirements, meet the business objectives and fulfil all the relevant legal requirements. For this reason, operational risk management is part of the day-to-day work of both the project team and management.

Project Management

Project management and engineering for individual plant systems and components are combined in work packages and performed by a competent project team. Led by a project manager, the team is responsible for compliance with deadlines and for quality. The project team meets regularly to discuss the status of the project.

Tendering Process

The aim of the tendering process is to put together economically attractive proposals that meet the client’s requirements. Work during the conceptual, tender and contract phases is done in close consultation with the client. Our advanced engineering allows us to produce highly sophisticated design drawings. Already in the tendering phase, 3D views of the layout and animated 3D films enable the client to do a virtual tour of the plant.

Project Execution

A key element of project execution is dividing execution into phases. This means that each phase of the project involves a series of quality gate tests and a final project review, plus a controlled handover if necessary, before the next phase of the project starts.