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Liberec / Czech Republic

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Liberec / Czech Republic
Liberec incinerator plant: State-of-the-art waste incineration in the Czech Republic


With the democratization of the Czech Republic, environmental consciousness has also become an important issue.


The republic has underlined this point by stating its intention to adopt EU standards in the field of environmental engineering. At the beginning of the 1990’s, studies to assess the situation and devise concepts for waste treatment in the Czech Republic were carried out with foreign aid from other European countries. The project was continued in the Liberec region (in the former province of Bohemia) and in 1997, a consortium of Von Roll Inova and Škoda TS a.s. received the contract for the Liberec incinerator plant, which will incinerate wastes from the Liberec/ Jablonec region. Located in the middle of a residential and industrial zone, the plant has a design capacity of 96,000 Mg/year. After two years of construction, the facility went on stream in May 1999.


Von Roll technology sets new standards in Eastern Europe.
The Liberec plant includes incineration with energy recovery, flue gas treatment, and a residue treatment facility which meets European standards. Much of the energy used by the plant comes from nearby a district heating power station.

A synergy is achieved by delivering the produced energy to the district heating power station. Along with electric power, steam is forwarded to the district heating power station for use in the district heating system, while compressed air is generated for power plant service. As a unique feature, the facility has acid fly-ash washing, in which heavy metals are removed from the boiler ash and fly ash; the recovered metals can them be mixed with bottom ash. Residues from the final wastewater treatment unit are disposed of by landfilling.

Hitachi Zosen Inova, as lead partner in the consortium, is responsible for the basic engineering of the plant as a whole and also supplies the following components: size reduction equipment for bulky waste, incineration section, flue-gas treatment and acid fly-ash washing equipment, and wastewater treatment plant.