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Umeå, SWE

Service, Overhauls & Retrofits, Plant Performance Upgrades


350'000 t/a

Energy recovered

district heat, electricity

Thermal energy

2 x 75.5 MWth

Increased Availability Leads to Improved Plant Performance

Because of changing waste composition, the plant was suffering from repeated waste feeding problems leading to reduced availability and increased maintenance. During these feeding shortages, production needed to be supported by oil burners, which also increased production costs.

With the help of a detailed analysis of plant operation and the function of the waste feeding system by HZI, a detailed remedial programme was put together, involving reconstructing the waste feeder, upgrading the control system, and installing a new combustion control system.

Results / Solution

  • The waste feeder was reconstructed with new guidance rails and new hydraulic cylinders to increase the feeding force.
  • To prevent blockages, a system was integrated that detected high-density waste and automatically adapted the length of the feeding stroke accordingly.
  • A state-of-the art combustion control system (CCS) was installed.
  • The CCS and the new feeding system were commissioned and optimised.
  • The systems installed completely eliminated the feeding problems and significantly increased plant availability.


  • Umeå Energi AB

Time Frame

  • 2017


  • On-site analysis and feasibility study
  • Recommending measures
  • Designing a new feeding system with automatic detection of high-density waste
  • Reconstructing the ram feeder
  • Adjustments to combustion control system
  • Delivery and installation on site
  • Commissioning and optimising combustion system