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Gabersdorf, AUT



catalytic methanation


fed into the grid

Volume generated

21 Nm³/h green methane

The methanation plant in Gabersdorf is part of “Renewable Gasfield”, a research project for a carbon-neutral Austria. It implements a holistic power-to-gas approach combining multiple renewable energy technologies, taking regional conditions into account, to enable green power to be stored.

Renewable electricity from solar power is used to produce green hydrogen by electrolysis. This in turn is used to produce renewable natural gas, for the first time through the direct methanation of raw biogas: In the integrated catalytic methanation system that HZI incorporated into the overall design, the carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in the biogas reacts with the hydrogen to form synthetic methane, a renewable natural gas substitute.


  • Combined technologies: biogas plant, photovoltaic installation, PEM electrolysis, methanation plant
  • Electrolysis capacity: 1 MW
  • Volume of hydrogen from electrolysis for methanation: 40 Nm³/h
  • Methane fed in: 21.5 Nm³/h
  • Methane content: >90%
  • Best practice example of technology expertise within HZI Group

Project Movie


  • Energie Steiermark

Commenced operation

  • 2022

Scope of supply

  • Methanation plant, system integration