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Anröchte, GER

Anaerobic Digestion


15,000 t/a

Biogas Use

electricity generation

Biogas Produced

1,500,000 Nm3/a

HZI is supplying the heart of the plant in Anröchte, a Kompogas® plug-flow digester with a capacity of 1,500 m3, for the anaerobic digestion of 15,000 t/a of separately collected organic waste. The 1.5 million Nm3/a of biogas produced annually is used to generate around 3.5 GWh of electricity in two downstream cogeneration units – covering the energy needs of 1,100 German households. The plant is designed to generate electricity according to demand. Thanks to interim storage zones for digestate and biogas, plus two different-sized cogeneration units, electricity can be generated and fed into the grid to coincide with daily peaks in demand.


  • Type of waste: food and green waste
  • Digester type: PF1500 steel digester
  • No. of digesters: 1
  • Electricity exported: 3.5 GWh/a


  • ESG Soest

Commencement of Operation

  • 2020

Components Supplied by HZI

  • dry fermentation, feeder system, cogeneration units and gas storage