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HZI Community Event October 2023

It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for this year’s HZI Community Event on Thu, 5 to Sat, 7 October in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Waste to X: Tap into New Opportunities, Extract Resources from Waste, and Fuel Your Business

As society approaches the major climate milestone of 2030 and all its inherent targets, every sector is looking to make the most of its resources. In this regard, waste to energy and renewable gas are increasingly vital as they offer responsible waste management solutions and reliable energy sources.

However, gaps remain in our industries and more innovation is required for us to reach a truly circular economy. Those gaps – whether related to reaching ambitious environmental goals, lobbying for new legislation or expanding technological capabilities – represent exciting opportunities.

In October, we will come together to discuss the state of our industry and explore how we can protect existing assets, invest in future resources, and derive greater value from waste – with the ultimate goal of creating robust, valuable business opportunities.


Thursday, 5th October
Plant visit and joint dinner

Friday, 6th October
Presentations and workshops

Saturday, 7th October
Leisure program and sightseeing in Lucerne

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