The Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Rookery South Pit is a sustainable alternative to landfill, using household, commercial and non-hazardous industrial residual waste, left after recycling and composting efforts, as fuel to generate clean electricity.

In its role as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor for the ERF at Rookery South pit, Hitachi Zosen Inova AG (HZI) in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce is seeking local suppliers for a range of work packages in Engineering, Civil, Process Equipment and Services over the three-year build phase. To give possible suppliers the opportunity to meet the representatives of HZI, we invite you to our Meet the Buyer Event:

Thursday 24thOctober, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Rufus Centre (the large room), Steppingley Rd, Flitwick, Bedford MK45 1AH

A list of each of the work packages and information on the project can be found below. Interested applicants can apply via our online application at the bottom.

Lot Brief Description
Lot Local Instrumentation WSC Package of all Local instruments such as Thermometers, Manometers etc. for the Water Steam Cycle Systems
Lot Process Equipment Tagging Providing and installing tagging labels (with KKS number, equipment description) to each equipment in the plant.
Lot Central Vacuum Cleaning System Providing special piping & couplings for a mobile vacuum cleaning system.
Lot Workshop Equipment (laboratory equipment)
Lot General piping material BOP
(pipes, fittings, valves, hangers)
General piping material (pipes, fittings, valves, hangers)
Lot General piping material BOP
(additional material: eye shower)
Additional material: eye showers, etc.
Lot SNCR Nozzles Fabrication of Nozzles for the SNCR Injection System into the furnace
Lot Emission Measurement QAL2 Conducting of QAL2 Test Measurements of the flue gases (HCl, SO2, NO, NO2, NOx, CO etc.) according to EN 14181 & EN 15259.
Lot Fabric Filter Bags The flue gases from the incineration of MSW shall be cleaned before it is released to the atmosphere.
The Fabric filter bags must separate all solid particles (ash particles, adsorbent and
neutralisation products) from the gas.
Lot Fabric Filter Bags Support Baskets Support Basket for the Fabric Filter Bags that are used to remove duct particles and absorb and neutralise gaseous pollutants
Lot repair painting & final cleaning
Lot Combustion Chamber IR Camera Supply of Infrared Camera for the combustion chamber. Data is used to monitor and control the combustion in the furnace
Lot Maintenance Hoists Providing different sizes and types of maintenance hoists, monorails including its installation
Lot Tipping Bay Gates : Cow gates 10x Steel gates (like cow gates) which can be manually opened/closed
Lot Piping Modular Supports WSC Delivery of Piping Supports, including all quality relevant documentation, testing, for the WSC Piping System
Lot Piping Hanger System WSC Delivery of Piping Supports / Hangers (e.g. LISEGA) including all quality relevant documentation, testing for the WSC Piping System
Lot Refractory Lining The Refractory Lining protects the boiler tubing of the furnace chamber against corrosion and helps to
maintain sufficient combustion temperatures. The Scope includes Design, Material and Installation of all Refractory materials and their means of support.
Lot Furnace Door The furnace doors are used to close the access opening to the grate respectively boiler and are located on the boiler rear wall (burnout area).
Lot Grate Service Bridge The inspection bridge ensures access from the furnace door to the grate over the bottom ash chute. This
service bridge includes a gangway with railings on both sides, incl. mounting aid.
Lot DyNOR Distribution Modules Design and supply of valve skid for the SNCR (Ammonia) distribution system.
Lot Fabric Filter Flue Gas Flaps Drive Flap Drives for the fabric filter flaps including any limit switches necessary
CP10C Landscaping Works
CP10D Reinstatement of Welfare and Carpark
PC37 Works to Road Junction


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