Our Tried-and-Tested Innovations and Technology Updates Meet the Requirements of Plant Operators

HZI Kompogas is the market and technology leader in dry fermentation processes. We develop, build and operate plants that recycle organic waste from communal, commercial and industrial sources. We build our Kompogas® plants using a modular system, which allows for solutions that reflect each customer’s specific needs.

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Kompogas® Digester

The Core Component of the Patented Kompogas® Process

Fermentation takes place in the Kompogas digester. Our digesters are available either as concrete or steel construction in multiple sizes. Both series are equipped with the same robust agitator components and can be deployed for all input materials (bio-waste, green waste, organic elements from the general waste collection). The feed and discharge technology is adapted to the specific requirements of the respective input material. Two, three or more digester modules can be combined to form larger plants. This makes it possible to achieve any throughput volume as required.


Kompogas® Concrete Digester
The digester, which has a standard net storage capacity of 1300 m3, consists of an in-situ concrete tank with a steel cap and a steel inner lining. The structure is TüV-tested and – thanks to the double wall – sets new standards in terms of safety.

Kompogas® Steel Digester
Our Kompogas® steel digesters are available in various sizes. Standard net storage capacities are 1200 m3, 1500 m3, 1800 m3, and 2100 m3. The structure is welded together from prefabricated steel elements and TüV-tested. Thanks to its modular construction it sets new standards in terms of its design.



Kompogas® Plants

Innovative Solutions for the Construction of Fermentation Plants

With more than 75 Kompogas® plants operating around the world, HZI represents more than 400 years of accumulated operating experience. We gladly share with our customer the know-how we have gained at those sites.


Fermentation plants from Kompogas:

  • transform organic wastes into ecological resource.
  • produce energy and useful biological substances.
  • meet all relevant hygiene standards.
  • meet highest-level security requirements.
  • generate above-average levels of gas – as a rule, one-third more than plants using discontinuous processes.
  • require little space.
  • are well suited to upgrading existing fermentation facilities.




Dewatering Press for Separation of Dry Anaerobic Digestions Residue

Kompogas has been constructing and operating plants for dry anaerobic digestion of organic waste for over 20 years. The KOM+PRESS has been developed based on practical experience, incorporating years of know-how, innovative ideas and solid machine construction. It provides an efficient and thorough dewatering process of the digestate and guarantees longer operating life, easy maintenance and low operating costs.


Characteristics of the KOM+PRESS are:

  • Screw with bearing on both sides with wear protected spiral coils
  • Swing-up basket and sieve
  • Pressure cone with replaceable wear protection
  • Pre-dewatering sieve and replaceable wear linings in inlet shaft
  • Adjustable scraper at the material infeed
  • Drive-side axial face seal with central lubrication system
  • One-piece drain pan
  • Integrated hydraulic unit and central lubrication system
  • Function-oriented design for easy accessibility and cleaning