All projects are executed to defined business processes under our ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 certified process management system. The business process defines the workflow, identifies activities with respective inputs and outputs, and allocates responsibilities.

Risk management
Along with the project team, the executive board and line management have a major interest in ensuring that all projects meet the contractual requirements, are in line with business objectives, and fulfill all the relevant legal obligations. For this reason operational risk management is part of the daily work of both the project teams and the management.

Project management
Project management and engineering for individual plant systems and components are bundled into work packages and executed by a dedicated project team. The team, headed by a project director, is responsible for meeting deadlines and for quality. The project team meets regularly to review the status of the project.

  • Proposal process
    The purpose of the proposal process is to create an economic framework matching the client’s requirements. Work during the concept, proposal and contract phases is done in close consultation with the client.
  • Project execution
    A key element of project realization is a phased execution set-up. This means that each project phase includes a number of quality gate reviews and a final project review and − if applicable − a controlled handover before entering the next project phase.