Securing rights of use and knowhow creates an important platform for future development.

By acquiring an interest in the patents of Shock Pulse Generators, Hitachi Zosen Inova has secured unrestricted rights of use in respect of this technology, and the corresponding knowhow. The Shock Pulse technology is a key component in the company’s developments, and enables HZI plants to deliver longer operating periods and greater efficiency.

 Hitachi Zosen Inova AG (HZI) has entered into an agreement with the Swiss firm Explosion Engineering GmbH about the acquisition of an interest in the patents for the Shock Pulse Generator technology. HZI has thus secured all the current and future rights of use, as well as the knowhow and intellectual property rights in respect of this technology. With some 570 reference projects worldwide and more than 80 years’ experience, HZI is one of the leading providers of high-end technology and turnkey plants for thermal and biological energy recovery from waste.

The Shock Pulse technology was developed by Explosion Power GmbH. The generators are used for cleaning boilers in waste treatment and biomass plants, for example, where they introduce pressure waves into the boiler at regular intervals, thus removing ash and particle deposits from the boiler pipes.

HZI already uses this technology at several plants, and is convinced of its effectiveness. “The Shock Pulse Generators have significant potential, and will play an important role in the ongoing development and increased efficiency of our boiler technology going forward,” said HZI CEO Franz-Josef Mengede.

Pioneering role in the use of Shock Pulse technology

HZI not only has experience in using this technology, it is also one of the first providers to install the Shock Pulse Generators in several new plants. This has enabled it to ensure longer operating periods and greater efficiency, while at the same time making it possible to achieve significant savings on maintenance costs. The installation of the Shock Pulse Generators in the STV 4&5 project in Cleveland (UK) has already delivered successful results. “The Shock Pulse Generators installed by HZI reliably limit the fouling of the economizer tubes. This ensures that even after 8,400 hours of operation, the flue gas temperature remains below the design value of 180°C,” said SITA UK’s Darren Thomas, the plant manager.

More than 200 units using the Shock Pulse technology have already been installed in a total of 15 countries worldwide. Even after the acquisition of an interest in the patents by HZI, Explosion Power GmbH as the manufacturer of the Shock Pulse Generators remains an independent company and is responsible for distribution to end-clients, authorized dealers and plant manufacturers.
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