Kompogas® – Our Anaerobic Digestion Process for Dry Fermentation

The patented Kompogas® process is based on continuous dry fermentation of organic waste using a horizontal plug-flow digester. The process is both thermophilic and anaerobic. In this process the temperature in the digester is maintained at 55°Celsius. The average moisture of the fermenter’s content is around 75% and the retention time is approximately 14 days. The Kompogas® process ensures that the organic waste is fully converted to biogas and that the digestate is sanitized with regards to undesired spores, germs and micro-organisms.

The continuous, horizontal plug-flow digester facilitates a high biogas yield and assures highest operating reliability thanks to simple, sturdy design and efficient control systems. A low-speed agitator ensures the optimum biogas conversion. The special design and arrangement of the agitator paddles prevents sedimentation of heavy and un-desired matter in the substrate.

Fermentation involves various upstream and downstream processes. In the feed unit, the organic waste is shredded and metals and other non-digestibles are removed. Subsequently, the substrate is automatically conveyed to the digester. A discharge pump withdraws the digestate. Around one-third is pumped back for inoculation. The rest is either dewatered to produce liquid fertilizer and compost or mixed with green waste using the liquid fertilizer free partial flow process.