A solution for global waste problems

Worldwide, the amount of waste is growing faster than its population due to increased urbanization and economic growth. Corresponding to the World Bank Report 2012, in 2025 the production of municipal solid waste will be 2.2 billion tonnes worldwide. With this amount, we are more and more polluting our own environment. Seven to eight percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions arise from continued landfilling. Energy from Waste (EfW) is the state of the art solution for this global problem. It is reliable and proven in thousands of plants worldwide.

EfW does not only decrease the volume of waste, it also protects natural resources like land and water. There is no additional need for landfills, where leakage can occur and pollute our tap water. It also protects air and climate because the regulations by law for EfW are more stringent than for coal fired power plants or any other industry. EfW plants decrease the greenhouse gases which come from landfill. Finally the energy from waste process fights the deforestation. Waste is a locally available fuel in all industrialized areas – unlike biomass.


Protect Human Habitat