For practical, qualitative, and financial reasons we are not able to deal with every potential supplier. Therefore, in order to save your time, effort and money, please bear the following questions in mind before applying to be considered as a potential supplier.

  1. Can you satisfy HZI’s primary requirements?
  2. Does HZI have a current requirement for your products / services?
  3. Can you offer an innovative solution, product or service in which HZI may be interested?

Category Management is a central aspect of our procurement process. Our Supply Chain Management team is therefore organised around the following product and service categories.

Should you wish to register your interest in working with HZI and becoming one of our qualified suppliers, please contact the appropriate person for your category of supply by clicking on their link:


Categories of Supply Comprises Your Contact Person
Anaerobic Digestion Renewable gas Joachim Augstein
Balance of Plant Valves, piping, insulation, air systems, waste management & water treatment Roman Buechi
Boiler & Pressure Equipment Boiler, burner & refractory linin Yun Wu
Construction Installation & erection Grzegorz Sikora
Building Services Fire fighting & detection, HVAC, mechanical building service Alevtina Curdy
Power Generator and Cooling System Turbine & generator, ACC, process water plant, heat exchanger, cooling tower, condenser Bettina Krafft-Steger
Combustion Equipment Grate & auxiliaries, material handling Sandra Roy
Electrical Equipment Electrical, instrumentation and controls Marta Calvo
Civil Works Site preparation, design & engineering, road and ground works etc. Veronika Kantor
Mechanical & Rotating Equipment Cranes, pumps, fans and dampers Adil Zmimita
Steel and Plate equipment Steel structure, tanks, plate works, stack Yun Wu
Services Engineering, site facilities and personnel Alevtina Curdy
Biomethane Energy recovery from waste, gases and flue gases Alexandros Pavlidis
Power to Gas Power to gas Alexandros Pavlidis
Indirect Supplies Facility Management, Finance, HR, Professional Services, IT, Office Services, Marketing, Travel, Logistics (Transportation) Romain Combescot