A consortium formed by Hitachi Zosen Corporationand KPN Green Energy Solution Co., Ltd.(KPN), engaged in the engineering of renewable energy plants in Thailand,has received an order from WPGE Phetchaburi Co., Ltd. (WPP) for an Energy-from-Waste plant comprising a stoker-type waste incinerator with a processing capacity of 476tons per day and power output of 7,900kilowatts.

Project outline
Hitachi Zosen and KPN are set to construct the Energy-from-Waste plant in a municipal solid waste treatment and power generation project undertaken by WPP, a joint venture formed by STP&I Public Co., Ltd. Group specializingin the steel structure and module fabrication business in Thailand, and WP Green Energy Co., Ltd., a developer in the renewable energy business.Hitachi Zosen is responsible for designing the plant, supplying key equipment including fire grates, on-site installation, and sending supervisors for test operations.
1. Client: WPGE Phetchaburi Co., Ltd.
2. Project: WPP Phetchaburi Project
3. Description: Stoker-type waste incinerator 476t/day (1 unit); power output 7,900kW
4. Location:Tha Laeng, PhetchaburiProvince, Thailand
5. Delivery: February 2019

Thai environmental and energy situation
Thailand’s economic growth has triggered an increase in the amount of solid waste generated and problems such as open-air landfilling and illegal dumping. The government is promoting reforms in solid waste management and a shift torenewable energy. Carried out as a part of these efforts, the project seeks to create a “sound material cycle”in Thailand. The Energy-from-Waste plant will enable safe, hygienic incineration of waste that was previously sent to landfill, and with a power generating capacity of 7,900kilowatts,meet the rising demand for energy.