Both PACs granted to HZI as scheduled

Innovative technologies supplied by Hitachi Zosen Inova will allow KVA Horgen to operate with markedly higher energy efficiency and material recovery in the future. Following on from the Preliminary Acceptance Certificate (PAC) granted for the boiler lot in July 2015, the PAC for the flue gas treatment lot has now also been received. This marks the successful completion of the project’s commissioning phase, and the plant has now entered full commercial operation.

The EfW plant in Horgen has entered a new era with the process design by HZI for combustion, slag removal and flue gas cleaning. Thanks to lower excess air in the combustion process, the amount of flue gas is reduced and heat is recovered more efficiently. This also means lower NOx production and utility consumption. Instead of the two combustion lines before, one line is now generating the same power export in the form of electricity and heat for district heating from just 60% of the waste previously required. The new slag extraction system allows for improved material recovery, while the replaced flue gas treatment (FGT) unit ensures efficient operation and energy recovery.

The revamped plant, which is located near Zurich, was shut down for construction works just 4.5 months, with HZI acting as the contractor responsible of the construction of the two lots. Commercial operation marks the culmination of commissioning activities to prove the plant’s capabilities. With the flue gas treatment lot, HZI has now handed over full operational responsibilities to the KVA Horgen team, which will now run the facility. After three months of successful operation for the boiler, the final milestone in the commissioning works was reached with the granting of the PAC for the FGT lot, end of October 2015, following the completion of a series of operability tests by HZI.

Romano Wild, Director of the KVA Horgen plant, said: “With the start of commercial operation at the revamped KVA Horgen plant we have achieved the most important milestone in upgrading a twenty-four-year old plant for reliable operation going forward – and this was thanks to the efforts of Hitachi Zosen Inova.”

HZI CEO Franz-Josef Mengede said: “With the PAC for the second lot of the revamping project, the KVA Horgen EfW plant is now fit for operation throughout 2030. We are proud to have delivered innovative technologies, setting new milestones in energy and material recovery”.

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