Extension of Kompogas® Technology opens up new potential in Biogas business

With the acquisition of the assets of MT-BioMethan GmbH, Hitachi Zosen Inova AG (HZI) is extending its range of services in the construction and maintenance of biogas plants. This investment will enable HZI, which owns the Kompogas® technology, to further enhance its expertise in biological energy recovery from waste, and marks a significant contribution to future energy supply from biological and green waste.

On February 26, 2015, the HZI subsidiary Hitachi Zosen Inova Deutschland GmbH and the liquidator Dr. Gideon Böhm from the law firm Münzel & Böhm Partnerschaftsgesellschaft GmbH concluded an agreement on an asset deal in respect of the acquisition of MT-BioMethan GmbH (MTB), a subsidiary of the insolvent MT-Energie GmbH. The acquired assets and the employee relationships will be transferred to the new owner as of March 9, 2015. HZI, which already owns the Kompogas® technology, will thus be extending its expertise in biological energy recovery from waste.

Investment in sustainable energy supply

Biogas is becoming increasingly significant amid the global trend of energy transition. “By adding the BioMethan® technology to the Kompogas® technology, we are addressing these developments. This will give us a unique opportunity to set a milestone in the sustainable supply of energy going forward,” stressed Franz-Josef Mengede, CEO of HZI. By extending its product portfolio, the company will in future have the expertise and technology for upgrading raw biogas into biomethane (bio natural gas) and injecting it into the natural gas grid. Biomethane is used for generating power and heat by industry and private households alike. Owing to its high quality, it is also used as a vehicle fuel. Unlike natural gas, biomethane is nearly carbon neutral.

Proven gas upgrading technology

MT-BioMethan GmbH specializes in the realization of gas upgrading plants. It uses two processes to separate CO2. Pressureless amine scrubbing is an efficient, heat-led process that uses waste heat from CHP facilities or gas boilers. Amine scrubbing achieves methane quality of > 99%. In addition to this, MT-BioMethan offers a three-stage membrane-separation technique. In this electrically powered biogas upgrading process, the CO2 is separated out using membrane-based gas permeation. Membrane separation achieves methane purity of up to 98%.
Addressing client needs even more effectively

With over 80 years’ experience in plant construction and some 570 reference projects worldwide, HZI is one of the leading providers delivering complete turnkey energy-from-waste plants. Integrating the technology and knowhow of MTB will allow HZI to further expand its expertise in biological energy recovery from waste, which will be of direct benefit to its clients and partners alike. Biomethane is regarded as being a particularly flexible fuel in terms of its use, and its production and storage can also be optimally calculated. “We are proud to continue the BioMethan® technology, and so deliver solutions that are even more specifically aligned with the individual needs of our clients,” said Franz-Josef Mengede.

The sale was made for economic reasons. The acquisition of MT-BioMethan by HZI will ensure the continuation of the BioMethan® technology. The company will at the same time also be able to secure the continuation of the location at Zeven (Lower Saxony) and the jobs of the around 40 employees. “We are convinced that the technological and specialist expertise of MT-BioMethan will develop further under HZI, and that it will continue to grow as a key area of our company,” stressed Franz-Josef Mengede. The current situation and the next steps were presented to the workforce at a special information event.


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