The symposium, which will take place from 20 to 21 June at the Brisbane Riverview Hotel in Brisbane (AUS), will address the question of how recycled organic waste can be turned into a useful resource. In Australia, some of the recycled organics waste have been applied to agricultural lands, which reduce landfill, increase soil nutrients and organic matter, improve soil structure and sequester carbon. However, there are also a some questions which need to be answered. The symposium will shed light from various angles on the topic of recycled organics.

One beneficial way of organics recycling is the production of biogas by dry anaerobic digestion of organic waste. Dr. Marc Stammbach, Managing Director of HZI Australia, will present HZI’s solution by the example of the HZI Kompogas(R) plant in San Luis Obispo, California which opened in 2018. The plant digests green & food waste to generate biogas and high-grade compost as well as liquid fertilizer. The plant converts the biogas into 24/7 carbon-neutral electricity and contributes to meeting California’s Greenhouse Gas reduction and Organics Diversion mandates.

You may find more information about the NSRO on the organiser’s website.

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