First Project in Denmark: Farming Business Opts for Hitachi Zosen Inova Gas Upgrading Technology

Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan is to deliver its first project in Denmark: The gas upgrading technology specialist has been awarded the contract to build a membrane plant that will upgrade 900 Nm³/h of raw biogas to produce biomethane for injection into the grid. The installation will be producing renewable natural gas by the end of […]

Moscow to Receive Swiss Support in Fight Against Waste Mountains

Four energy-from-waste plants are to be constructed in Moscow Region. A consortium consisting of the Swiss clean-tech firm Hitachi Zosen Inova and the Russian technology company ZiO-Podolsk was awarded the contract by the client, the Russian operating company Alternative Generating Company. The plants will make a substantial contribution toward reducing the number of landfill sites […]

Another Hitachi Zosen Inova Biogas Upgrading Plant to Deliver Renewable Gas to the French Gas Grid

Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan GmbH (HZI BioMethan) has been awarded the contract to build another biogas and biomethane production facility in France. The plant, which will be custom-designed to the needs of the client, is the first in a series of eight projects to be delivered by HZI BioMethan over the next year with project […]

Optimise Waste Management While Generating Renewable Energy

Digester Gas Treatment with Powerful VOC Pre-Cleaning From 21st to 23rd May 2019, the sewage sludge days, an event held by the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) in Würzburg, will discuss current political, legal and procedural developments in sewage sludge treatment and disposal. One way in which sewage treatment plants are increasingly […]

Hitachi Zosen Inova Hands EfW Plant in Edinburgh Over to Client

Hitachi Zosen Inova has handed over the energy-from-waste plant in Edinburgh to the client. Featuring state-of-the-art EfW technology from HZI, the installation will supply around 32,000 households with electricity.   On 18 April 2019, Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) handed over the Energy from Waste (EfW) plant in Millerhill (Edinburgh) to the client, FCC E&M Ltd., a […]

Hitachi Zosen Inova and PJSC ZiO-Podolsk Have Signed Consortium Agreement

On 16 April 2019 Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) and PJSC ZiO-Podolsk, a subsidiary of Atomenergomash (Russia) signed a Consortium Agreement for the cooperation in the construction of four Energy from Waste (EfW) plants in the Moscow region. HZI will act as technology supplier within the consortium, whereas PJSC ZiO-Podolsk delivers manufacturing services of the power […]

The Success Story Goes On: Hitachi Zosen Inova Wins Another Major Contract to Build an EfW Plant in the UK

Rookery South Limited have awarded the contract to construct England’s latest EfW plant to the Swiss company Hitachi Zosen Inova, building on successful collaboration forged in earlier projects. In the future, the Rookery South plant will process 545,000 metric tons of solid municipal and commercial waste a year to generate more than 60 MW of […]

Scandinavia’s First Kompogas® Plant is now in Operation

After just less than two years of construction, Hitachi Zosen Inova handed over the new Kompogas® plant in Högbytorp, Sweden, to E.ON Biofor Sverige AB. The instal-lation will process the region’s organic waste to generate high-grade biomethane, compost, and liquid fertilizer. On the same day as launching the project to build a Kompogas® plant in […]

Kompogas® Plant in Jönköping: A Prime Example of Swedish Sustainability in Action

A new Kompogas® plant, due for completion in 2020, is to be built in the Swedish city of Jönköping by Hitachi Zosen Inova. The company also financed, developed and designed the whole project and, additionally will own and operate the facility. The installation will make a substantial contribution to efforts to decarbonise the country by […]

Europe’s Energy Capital Relies on HZI BioMethan’s Renewable Gas Upgrading Technology

Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan GmbH (HZI BioMethan) has been awarded the contract to build a biogas upgrading plant including the in-house gas scrubber and a desulphurisation and VOC filter system as part of a biogas project in Aberdeen. The installation is part of the city’s new energy center and will be the first to feature […]

Hitachi Zosen Inova AG Acquires Jönköping’s Biogas Plant and Paves the Way for the Installation of a New Kompogas® Plant

Following the agreement between Sweden’s Jönköping Municipality and Hitachi Zosen Inova AG (HZI) in spring 2018, HZI has acquired Jönköping’s biogas operations, Jönköping Energi Biogas AB, on February 1st, 2019. The company will be renamed to HZI Biogas Operations AB but continues to process local kitchen and food waste in its existing wet fermentation facility. […]

East Rockingham RRF: Suez Joins Consortium

SUEZ Joins Consortium Developing Energy from Waste Facility in East Rockingham, Australia The consortium developing the East Rockingham Resource Recovery Facility has awarded SUEZ, global expert in the water and waste resource management sectors, the role of waste management partner for the project for a minimum term of 20 years. SUEZ’s entry into the project […]

Festive Inauguration for the US’ First Kompogas® Plant in San Luis Obispo, CA

On 15 November 2018 North America’s first Kompogas® plant was opened in San Luis Obispo. The dry anaerobic digestion plant marks the first DBFOO project for Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) and contributes significantly to California’s sustainability strategy. Governmental representatives were present as well as delegates of the investor and operational companies. The opening ceremony was […]

Australia: HZI Consortium Signs 20-Year Waste Supply Agreement with City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn, a local government area of Perth, Western Australia (WA), has signed an agreement with a consortium led by Hitachi Zosen Inova to supply waste to the East Rockingham Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) for a minimum of 20 years. The contract bolsters WA’s long-term waste management strategy, under which Energy from Waste […]

Recycling Magazine Article: India’s Mountains of Waste Turned into Electricity

India’s waste management is in the focus of the international autumn edition of the Recycling Magazine. With one plant in execution and three new plants being built, HZI shared an article on its experience in the Indian market, where local conditions and requirements are important, with low-cost-optimised solution considerations in the construction.

E.ON Inaugurates Sweden’s Largest Dry Fermentation Plant

Hitachi Zosen Inova has been part of the report about the opening of Swedens largest dry AD plant on the Bioenergy International website: E.ON Sverige AB, the Swedish subsidiary of Germany-headed energy major E.ON AG held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 30, 2018, for Sweden’s largest dry fermentation biogas plant. Designed to treat organic waste […]

HZI BioMethan Builds Gas Upgrading Plant for Hamburg’s Waste Water Treatment Plant

Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan GmbH (HZIB) has been awarded the contract to build a biogas upgrading plant to process digester gas from waste water sludge into biomethane. The plant will be built on the site of the waste water treatment plant in the port of Hamburg and poses particular construction challenges on the manufacturer due […]

China Once Again Chooses Kompogas® Technology

Hitachi Zosen Inova is awarded to deliver a second Kompogas® plant in the city of Nanjing. Another project to build two Kompogas® digesters for a biogas plant in Nanjing consolidates Swiss cleantech Hitachi Zosen Inova’s position as the leading supplier of anaerobic dry fermentation technologies in China. Following a similar project in Chongqing, with the […]

Hitachi Zosen Inova to Build and Operate Kompogas® Plant to Turn Jönköping’s Organic Waste into Vehicle Fuel

Hitachi Zosen Inova is to build Scandinavia’s second Kompogas® facility in Jönköping, Sweden. It will use a dry fermentation process to convert around 40,000 metric tons of organic waste a year into fuel for buses and cars, and high-grade fertilizers. The new installation will replace an existing wet fermentation facility, assuring the future of organic […]

Hitachi Zosen Inova to Build the World’s Largest Energy from Waste Plant in Dubai

Dubai Municipality has selected Swiss clean tech company Hitachi Zosen Inova in a joint venture with Belgium’s largest construction company BESIX Group to build the world’s largest energy-from-waste facility. The plant will treat 1,825,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year. The world’s largest energy-from-waste (EfW) plant is to be built in the Emirate of […]

CORY and HZI to Build EfW Plant in UK Capital

A new energy-from-waste plant is set to be built in Southeast London. Client CORY has once again opted to collaborate with Swiss technology provider Hitachi Zosen Inova. Augmenting the existing Riverside Energy Recovery Facility, the new plant would ultimately handle around 650,000 t/a of municipal solid waste from the UK capital. Swiss clean-tech company Hitachi […]

Highly efficient combustion with low excess air in a modern energyfrom- waste (EfW) plant

The effect of low excess air and high adiabatic combustion temperatures on CO and NOx formation has been investigated on a commercially operated energy-from-waste plant. With optimal combination of low O2 levels and stable combustion control, uncontrolled NOx levels could be lowered to 100–150 mg/Nm3 (dry, at 11% O2) while keeping CO emissions at low […]

Hitachi Zosen Corporation and Hitachi Zosen Inova to Build First Joint Power-To-Gas Plant

Swiss clean-tech company Hitachi Zosen Inova and its parent company Hitachi Zosen Corporation are to deliver the technology for a Power-to-Gas plant in Japan, which will in future produce synthetic natural gas (Methane) from CO2 and hydrogen. As part of Japan’s efforts to bring about a long-term reduction in its existing CO2 emissions, the country’s […]

WMW Article: Turkish Delight for HZI

The WMW Magazine published an excellent report about HZI’s latest project in Istanbul, Turkey: Every day, Istanbul’s 39 municipalities produce some 17,500 tonnes of waste. Currently, nearly all of that is sent to landfill. Now, following a deal with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Hitachi Zosen Inova is preparing to develop Europe’s largest waste to energy plant. […]

Swiss Technology On The Rise In China

China’s first Kompogas® plant to be built in world’s largest city The delivery of two Kompogas® digesters for a biogas plant in Chongqing marks the successful entry of Zurich-based Hitachi Zosen Inova into the Chinese market. HZI’s dry anaerobic digestion technology is thus establishing a foothold in a market that offers considerable potential. With the […]

HZI Consortium Wins Tender for 20-Year Waste Services Contract in Perth, Australia

A Perth Regional Council awarded a 20-year municipal waste service contract to a consortium led by Swiss company Hitachi Zosen Inova. The plant will process 300,000 tonnes of waste per annum generating around 28 MW of electricity from Australia’s first energy-from-waste. Council Tender by EMRC for 20 Year Waste Treatment The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council […]

Hitachi Zosen Inova to Build Istanbul’s First Energy from Waste Plant

Europe’s largest energy-from-waste plant for municipal solid waste is to be built in Istanbul. The turnkey contract, together with one-year operation has been awarded to the Swiss company Hitachi Zosen Inova together with its Turkish partner Makyol. The plant will process 1 million tonnes of waste per annum generating around 70 MW of electricity. The […]

France: HZI BioMethan Concludes Contracts for an Additional Four Projects

In April, the German HZI company Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan GmbH received orders to build four biogas plants with biomethane production facilities. The Zeven-based firm, which specializes in gas upgrading and carbon capture technology, will execute the projects as general contractor, with the total order volume being around EUR 11.7 million. The first project is […]

Bologna (ITA): The Construction of Europe’s Largest Dry Anaerobic Digestion Plant Can Begin

Europe’s largest dry anaerobic digestion plant is to be built in Bologna, Italy. The Notice to Proceed was given on Friday, March 31, 2017, so giving the green light for construction to begin. Hitachi Zosen Inova can thus now start delivery of the core modules. Europe’s largest dry anaerobic digestion plant is to be built […]

Brie (FRA): HZI BioMethan: Initial Feed-In for Project Brie

Acting as general contractor, Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan GmbH (HZI BioMethan) is constructing a digestion line with a biogas upgrading facility in Brie-Comte-Robert, France. The initial feed-in of biomethane into the network of Gaz Reseau Distribution France (GRDF) in March 2017 marked a key milestone for the project, which is now on the verge of […]

Poznan (POL): Hitachi Zosen Inova’s Technology Energizes City of Poznan

With the project completion in February 2017, Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) successfully handed over the energy-from-waste (EfW) project in Poznan to the client SUEZ Zielona Energia, a joint venture between SUEZ Polska and the Marguerite Fund. The construction of the second largest EfW plant in Poland marks the first project in the region for the […]

San Luis Obispo (USA): First Kompogas® Plant in the US to be Built in San Luis Obispo, CA

On March 23, 2017, Japan Bank for International Cooperation as the main financer signed the financing agreement for the first Kompogas® project in the US. The dry anaerobic digestion plant in San Luis Obispo County, California, marks the first DBFOO project for Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI). Financing secured The signing of the financing agreement between […]

Högbytorp (SWE): Hitachi Zosen Inova to Build Scandinavia’s First Kompogas® Plant

E.ON Biofor Sverige AB places order with Swiss firm for construction of a large dry anaerobic digestion plant. E.ON Biofor Sverige has placed an order with Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) to construct the first Kompogas® plant in Sweden. It will generate enough biogas every year to replace nearly 7 million liters of fossil fuels. HZI’s […]

Order for EfW Plant in Thailand

A consortium formed by Hitachi Zosen Corporationand KPN Green Energy Solution Co., Ltd.(KPN), engaged in the engineering of renewable energy plants in Thailand,has received an order from WPGE Phetchaburi Co., Ltd. (WPP) for an Energy-from-Waste plant comprising a stoker-type waste incinerator with a processing capacity of 476tons per day and power output of 7,900kilowatts. Project […]

Hitachi Zosen Inova Acquires Business of ETOGAS GmbH

Swiss company Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) is supplementing its renewable energy activities by acquiring the business of ETOGAS GmbH. Following the acquisitions of Kompogas® and BioMethan, this marks a further consistent step in the field of sustainable energy recovery and utlilisation. On October 21st 2016, Hitachi Zosen Inova AG acquired the assets of Stuttgart-based ETOGAS […]

Scotland’s Capital Chooses Hitachi Zosen Inova’s Technology

Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) is to build Edinburgh’s energy-from-waste plant. The Swiss clean-tech company delivers the complete technology including its proven combustion technology and a dry flue gas treatment system. The latter will reduce water use and improve the energy efficiency of the plant. A new energy-from-waste (EfW) plant is to be built at the […]

HZI BioMethan to Retrofit Gas Upgrading System at Biogas Plant

The operator of a biogas plant in Parum (in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) is changing its facility to produce biomethane in future rather than converting raw biogas into electricity. The retrofit order was awarded to the Zeven-based gas upgrading specialist Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan (HZI BioMethan). The realignment will enable the economically viable operation […]

HZI BioMethan completes first biogas project as part of new company structure

Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan (HZIB) handed over the biogas plant in Meaux, France, to the client on August 19, 2016, this being its first such project conducted in full as part of the new company structure. The project to construct a biogas plant with an upgrading facility was acquired shortly after MT BioMethan was integrated […]

Hitachi Zosen Inova Hands Greatmoor Project over to FCC Environment

The Swiss clean-tech company Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) has successfully completed commissioning of the new energy-from-waste plant in Greatmoor (UK), and the client, FCC Environment, has taken over. FCC Environment will now operate the site for 30 years on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council, who own the facility. This is the sixth project in the […]

New Chairman of the Board

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Sadao Mino took over as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hitachi Zosen Inova AG on July 1, 2016, succeeding Mr. Koichiro Anzai who had served as HZI’s Chairman from February 1, 2011 to June 30, 2016. We would like to thank Mr. Anzai for his outstanding commitment […]

Ferrybridge Multifuel 2 – Hitachi Zosen Inova Builds on Success Story

Swiss technology company to deliver Europe’s largest energy-from-waste plant undertaken by an individual contractor Following on from the successful completion of the first energy-from-waste plant (EfW) in Ferrybridge (UK), the Swiss clean-tech company Hitachi Zosen Inova has received the order to construct the second facility. The company’s ninth project in the UK will mark a […]

Europe’s Largest Dry Anaerobic Digestion Plant to Use Kompogas®

Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) delivers its Kompogas® technology for Europe’s largest biogas plant for dry anaerobic digestion. The facility, built in the north of Italy, will process approximately 100,000 tonnes of organic municipal solid waste per year. The region around Bologna will benefit from the products generated by this process. Europe’s largest biowaste dry anaerobic […]