Hitachi Inova Zosen AG

Energy from Waste Business

Energy from Waste as a core business of Hitachi Zosen Corporation

MaishimaAs a former licensing partner, Hitachi Zosen Corporation has implemented Hitachi Zosen Inova’s core technology in more than 190 Energy from Waste plants in Japan, China and other countries throughout East Asia.

Business in China
Over the last three years, Hitachi Zosen Coporation has developed a dominant market position for thermal waste treatment plants in China. One example is the Energy-from-Waste contracts won by Hitachi Zosen Corporation, which include the installation of Hitachi Zosen Inova’s cutting edge combustion technology at one of the world’s largest Energy-from-Waste plants, in Laogang near Shanghai. The facility’s four lines will have a combined capacity of 1 million tonnes (t) per year.

In order to ensure that refuse incineration facilities and other environmental plants and equipment are used to their fullest capacity, Hitachi Zosen Corporation provides total support for their maintenance and management, which makes it the market leader in the Japanese O&M business. The group’s flexible responses and finely-tuned services include the dispatch of skilled engineers and workers, remote operations, technical support and emergency response.

In addition to O&M, the group is actively engaged in business that offers solutions to various environmental problems through PFI (Private Financial Initiatives) which are involved in long-term facility management.

Furthermore, the company’s REMON system (remote monitoring system), which was developed as an environmental IT solution technology, offers total support for a new form of daily operation and long-term management of refuse incineration facilities.